Wondering what’s Rentrée & Pizza has in common ?

Wondering what’s Rentrée & Pizza has in common ?

Surprised to see a “Rentrée promos”for Pizza from Domino’s, well don’t as September & Ocotober are the months of “Back to Work” for France. An culture very unique to France where everyone right from pizza delivery companies offering hot deals, corportae joining back over few drinks, resto offrering special rentrée menus, to parents get together in schools, all celebrate “BACK TO WORK” , which in French is simply called “Rentrée”.

As we all are in education domain I must specify here that French school children return from their family holidays and head straight to the papeterie ( stationary shop ) to buy all that they need for the beginning of the school year, and a few weeks later university students start preparing for their return to la fac (university), in short this concept has a long held tradition in autumn in France.

So the celebrations continue after the long summer break before the cold chill sets in & everyone waits for the Chiristmas celebrations.

Le Frehindi-Paris is ready to welcome our 1st group of 43 students from 4 Indian schools on 15th Oct 2018 & the next one on 12th Nov 2018.

Will keep you updated with may exciting picutures & stories that our Indian students & their French counterparts are together going to explore.

President – Le Frehindi, Paris.