Will you dare to take up Eiffel Tower challenge ?

Eiffel tower got see-through glass floor made in 2014 that gives you an impression as if you are walking on air nearly 200 feet above ground.

Students of our exchange partner school in India went ahead to test their nerves. Since only brave hearts can do that, it was obvious that girls took the lead and encouraged others to try that too. It was scary at first because your brain tells you that you might be about to fall through, but you soon get used to it. Many students were reluctant to step on the floor. Nevertheless, it was an incredible experience for the students who dared to take the challenge and had one’s in a lifetime experience.

If you want to give such an experience to your students , feel free to call us at 9811237069/67/37 or email us at exchange@lefrehindi.com.

Team Frehindi