Why DELF Junior should be there in every school?

It is a fact that many children in India excitedly opt for French at 4th/5th or 6th level but drop the language in 9th & 10th level. The reason is simple – ” Language is not taught the way it should be taught” especially at the entry level. Language is not cramming few words and mugging up grammar rules…language is more lively, interactive and kids learn it when they are able to enjoy the language. Look at a small kid of 2/3 years old. How fast she/he picks up words fast listening to her/his parents or elder siblings. The more one listens, the one more uses it among friends, the more one learns it in a interactive ( not boring way ), the more one learns a language. Speak to any 9th or 10th grader in India who had French from start…it is very unfortunate that she/he is not able to either have vocabulary to speak nor the correct pronunciation of the few words she/he is able to recollect….but at the same time if you give her/him a French test paper which is tilted towards grammar, they are able to solve most of the written part. But what is the language if we cannot use it and communicate with friends?

DELF Junior launched in India in May 2011 by French embassy is the answer to the above.

What is DELF Junior?

DELF (Diplôme Élémentaire de Langue Française) is an official, internationally recognized diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify a non-native candidate’s competence in general French. This course prepares for the Junior version of the DELF which addresses an audience of junior high school and high school students. The preparation course is a 50 hours course whose main objective is to help students prepare for the exam at their chosen level and maximize their chance of success. In the DELF Junior the activities are designed to focus on the four parts of the exam:

• Reading comprehension

• Listening comprehension

• Oral expression

• Written expression

Le Frehindi & DELF Junior training:

We are pioneers to bring DELF Junior training to schools in India with the help of world class trainers. Many schools have already planned with Le Frehindi to train their students on DELF Junior.

DELF Junior & CCE system of CBSE :

With an integrated global economy & the revolution of internet people are coming together like never before. Your student is sure to be a global citizen tomorrow. A bi-lingual with a proper accent is certain to have an advantage over other global citizens. As per the new CCE system of CBSE, Le Frehindi presents DELF Junior in two sections i.e academics and co-scholastic section, under which a student would be exposed to life skills, including thinking, social and emotional skills, attitudes and values pertaining to language-learning. Under attitudes and values a students is encouraged to use the French language with teachers & schoolmates. Language skills are bought forward by using a student’s capability in creative and critical thinking, with social skills including his interpersonal-communication, empathy and emotional skills. Faculty We draw our faculty from professional French language teachers who have international teaching experience lead by Mr. Haru Mehra an Indo French-Thinker & Poet, who is perhaps the only person in the world who is the pioneer in writing hilarious & inspirational poems using the jugglery of Hindi, French & English words. Haru devised an unique method of teaching French to students who are encouraged to use their own mother tongue to learn the French language in an easy & effortless way. The main difficulty that is faced by many students while learning French is with pronunciation of French words and letters which is made very easy by use of Frehindi technique. The songs & rhymes created by Mr. Haru reinforce grammatical patterns, visual aids symbolize vocabulary, and fun games carry emotion; vital factors when teaching: children to speak another language Examination center: The children are required to visit the French Embassy’s cultural center in New Delhi, only once for 2 hours at the end of the course to undertake the examination.

For more details on how we are helping Schools to roll out this Diploma at their premises please feel free to call our porgramme Director at 09811237037 or mail us at team@frehindi.org