When CBSE Xth Class students exclaimed watching my Carte Vitale…

So recently we were doing a virtual tour for a New Delhi based school for their 9th & 10th standard students. As I had to buy some medicines so I thought I will take the students inside the pharmacy & this will also be an opportunity to show them how do we buy medicines here in France.

As I gave my “Ordinance” i.e prescription to the pharmacist standing on the counter along with a Green yellow credit card kind of plastic card, suddenly a student got curious & exclaimed, ” Sir, I have seen this card in my textbook, is this a health card or a debit card?”.

That was the moment for the French teacher who had been conducting several offline & online tours with Le Frehindi for past 3 years, to come in & she truly seized the moment by explaining the students that yes this is a health card cum a debit card but the money inside it is not the personal money of Mr Haru but of la Sécurité sociale– An Government of France body.

By this time I had finished my purchase of medicines & while coming out of the pharmacy I took a lead from the teacher & also seized the moment to explain how the social security system & health benefits system works in France & many EU countries.

Yes it’s true, France has a very comprehensive social security ( la sécurité sociale) system covering healthcare, injuries at work, family allowances, unemployment insurance, and old age (pensions), invalidity and death benefits.  In fact, France spends more on ‘welfare’ than almost any other EU country i.e over 30 per cent of its gross domestic product ( GDP ).

I then took them to the nearby social security building & explained them how a person when they attain 18 years must have their own Carte Vitale & how the benefits of health are linked to one of the parent’s Carte Vitale when they are minors.

I will attach a live virtual video here of one of such experience by a big New Delhi based school where the language teacher fully utilised the opportunity to speak & explain to her students very effectively the concept of Carte Vitale & the system of Social Security in France.

So, let your students participate in our theme based virtual tours & give them an opportunity to learn things in an experiential way.

That’s a way where the learning remains etched in their young minds forever.


President & CEO, Le Frehindi-PARIS