Wellbeing & Beauty Redefined Post Covid-19 in Europe

July 16 2020, marks the transition of the Sun into Karka Rashi (Cancer ). This also marks the end of the six-month Uttarayana period of Hindu calendar, and the beginning of Dakshinayana i.e the start of Journey of Sun towards South.

July 16th 2020 is also the start of a new Ayurveda based, natural immunity-boosting, wellbeing movement in Europe in a post-COVID-19 world with the launch of 1st Indo-French venture L’ayuraura patronaged by Le Frehindi Group & ably supported by Business France & CCI-Lyon.

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We have named this new project L’Ayuraura which signifies spreading the “aura” of “Ayurveda” for wellbeing & beauty leading to a healthy & happy life.

At L’Ayuraura we let your Inner-self & Outer beauty shine with a team of certified aestheticians from France & professional Ayurveda experts from India delivering the ultimate experience of best practices adopted by the oriental & occidental ways of natural skin & body care.

Many events in association with various proponents of Ayurveda from India & abroad will be launched starting 1st September 2020 to let Lyonnaise know the benefits of wellbeing via the Ayurveda route.

The project will be headed by Ms Laxmi MEHRA who is a certified CAP in Esthétique, Cosmétique & Parfumerie from the premier wellbeing school Silvya Terrade in France.

To know more about this project do visit L’Ayuraura.com

Team Le Frehindi