Welcome French authors Cécilia Weiss & theatre artist Véronique Jobard to your School in Nov. 2016

Participate in National French Spell Bee 2016 & welcome French authors to your school….

As part of our own contribution to the success of Namasté France & to promote “French Phonics” in top schools in India we are happy to announce that French authors Cécilia Weiss & theatre artist Véronique Jobard will be visiting the top 3 schools who are participants of the National French Spell Bee 2016 to engage students in creative activities such as creative songs; theatre & making them understand the importance of phonics.

In this special one hour workshop at your school our French native authors will make your students aware in different creative ways about the following topics:

How Phonics i.e study of sounds is important for the relationship between the written and the spoken word ?
How Phonics are useful when learning how to read and write? How it involves teaching developing learners on how to connect letter patterns and the sounds they make, to decode new written words by sounding them out or listening to someone sounding them out ?
How Phonics vary greatly from one language to another? How they are particularly useful in the study of a foreign language ?
Eligibility Criteria & other terms for host school(s):

You must be a registered school for the National French Spell Bee 2016.
You must be one of top three schools by volume i.e number of students registered for 2016 edition of National French Spell Bee 2016.
You must have paid the registration amount for all the school students.
Although this is a complimentary workshop for your school to recognise your efforts; you must be willing to provide pick up & drop of the visiting authors from Radisson Blue Hotel; Dwarka and Back.
You will make sure that only those students who have registered for National French Spell Bee 2016 must attend the workshop.
You agree to provide an auditorium like space or stage for the event to be rolled out effectively consisting of Power Point Presentation; handheld mike & proper chair like seating arrangements.
So; do not hold your self back there is still time to register maximum students from your school and be eligible for this once in a life time opportunity.

For more details feel free to call Ms. Astha at 098112370367 / 69 or 011-45537-037.

C/O National French Spell Bee 2016

Team Frehindi

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