Un bon chocolat chaud…


Wondering which drink the students love so much when they come to France?

Oui, it’s the Chocolat Chaud i.e a hot chocolate drink !!

This is so popular that in 2019 when a school wanted to come for an exchange in Nov 2019 they planned everything in advance and their international coordinator approached us with an unusual request. The request was to help them with a song for their 14th July French assembly to celebrate the “Jour de la Bastille”. We knew that 20 students were coming in November from this school to Lyon in France so the choices for us were simple & like for many other schools we offered them lyrics of the famous 1969 song by Joe Dassin namely “Les ChampsÉlysées”, but soon the international coordinator came back & said they already used this song in their annual function in 2018 & they are looking for something on french food & cheese or drinks as that’s the theme they chose for their ISA project.

So our team came up with this song on “Hot Chocolate drink” which was an instant hit with students & when they 1st landed at Paris Airport fresh & cold November, all they wanted “Un bon chocolat chaud”.

At the real function on 14th July the school made large cut-outs using polyurethane foams of two black & white spotted cows with students carrying them & dancing with 8 students who got dressed in long farmers like dresses with a large cowboy caps making the show a hit.

Moreover, the concerned teacher got a special appreciation from the chairmen of the educational group & the principal was gracious enough to send her to France with the tour in Nov. 2019

Enjoy the song embedded here & do utilise it on the next 14th July celebrations at your school….


President & CEO, Le Frehindi-PARIS