The Guardian of Your students in Europe

LE Frehindi-PARIS Tours

It was few months back & we would like to recount a wonderful story to you when a big school from the exporters town of Muradabad in India came to participate in a scholastic tour with one of our partner schools Lycée Jean Moulin in North of France.

As part of their program we were supposed to visit the Belgium capital of Brussels to complete a project at the Mini-Europe where each student was given a European city of his or her choice one month before they flew to France.

Once inside the miniature park of Mini Europe where each student was supposed to find their own pre-decided European city after watching the monuments etc of the city & describe in 150 words the city of their choice to the rest of the students.

So when our Paris team was conducting this we had a surprise visit by our President & CEO Mr. Haru Mehra who interacted with students & the students & teachers were so happy that when the miniature city of London came they all requested Mr Mehra to become their warrior by taking the armour costume wile they took the costume of his soldiers, as they felt that he is the saviour, provider & protector of the students in Europe.

On a hindsight, we think that truly Mr. Mehra is like a true guardian & protector of your students when they are here in Europe.

He not only takes care of every small things be it providing hot veg food or making sure that the breakfast is well stocked, be it making sure students have best & safe transport or accompanying them personally & sharing many interesting stories about the places students visit.

Rest assured that post COVID-19 crises your student will have life time of fun learning & sharing.

So, leave all your worry to Mr. Haru Mehra, who himself has two teenaged children who are studying in France & thus he treats all students as his own children.

These pictures below of the above event & the feature image above speaks louder than words.

Hope to see you soon in 2020-21 session with your students.

Team Le Frehindi, PARIS’

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