Schools & Universities to Open on 11th May 2020

After so many weeks of lock down some good news trickled in for schools & universities in France with the address to the nation of the President of France Mr Emmanuel Macron yesterday.

Many students in France here have been waiting eagerly to go back to schools to be with their friends & to experience the pleasure of learning together, of playing together & of sharing together.

This period of post March becomes really special one because of another activity that takes place in Le Frehindi’s partner schools & Universities during April / May & June every year.

Yes you probably guessed it right, this is the period when most of the students from abroad especially Asia & particularly from India come to France on many exchange programs.

These programs have been in work for years as most of the students are already in touch through Le Frehindi’s online “Classroom2Classroom” programs & are eager to receive the Indian students in their schools.

Many joint activities, excursions, games & workshops are planned with students from Asia & students from both countries have a wonderful fun learning experience.

However, due to the exceptional & unprecedented health crises created by COVID-19 virus in the world many students were dejected as they were not sure if the schools will open or not in this session.

More so because many schools & universities who were supposed to come in April / May & June 2020 in France were supposed to receive back home in October / November 2020 or Jan 2021 students from France on a reverse exchange at their country.

So an non-visit in this indian summer time ( April – May -June 2020 ) would have resulted in a delay also for the French students to come back to India in Oct/ Nov 2020.

However, it seems their prayers have finally been heard & the French schools & Universities are now opening on 11th May 2020 which will allow many Indian students to plan a trip end of May or in June 2020.

As far as safety & health of your students & teachers is concerned, we would like to assure you along with the Indian Embassy in Paris with whom we work closely, that your students will be 100% safe & secure here with our special high standard safety measures which are in place at all times as per the stringent laws of France.

For more detailed information about our safety measures you may visit our safety page in corporate website.

If you are a school or University who is facing any problem in organising an exchange program from 1st June 2020 onwards in France do write to us at & we will be able to help you out with our existing groups which are sure to visit France starting June 2020.

We leave you with some of the pictures of the wonderful program we had with students in Nov-Dec 2019 in France which might inspire you to send your students to us in France in June 2020.

Warm Regards

Team Le Frehindi, Paris

New Delhi : Paris : Lyon