Saturday French Film Show on Week ending 30th April 2011

Name of the Film : EXILES

About the Film :

The winner of the best director award at Cannes for director Tony Gatlif ( Gadjo Dilo ) and starring Roman Duris, Exiles is a freewheeling dram about a young couple’s nostalgic desire to retrace their parent’s steps to Algeria.

Zano’s impulsive idea takes him and his lover Naima from France and across Spain to the country their parents were forced to flee many years earlier. With only music to accompany them, they launch themselves into inverted exile hitching rides, working as fruit pickers and meeting North Africans heading in the opposite direction.

An exhilarating and colorful journey, the film makes a number of incisive cultural insights.

Language : French with English Subtitles

Date and Time : 5P.M on Saturday the 30th April 2011

Venue : Le Frehindi

We welcome all the old and new students.

Nous nous félicitons de tous les élèves anciens et nouveaux à venir et regarder le film.


Team Frehindi