Profile of Haru MEHRA – President & CEO


This is Harbinder Singh Mehra, fondly nicknamed as ‘Haru’ in the industry, Founder and CEO of a Paris-based organization, Le Frehindi. Our organization works towards shaping the future of today’s youth via experiential-based scholastic tours, implementation of online & offline linguistic programs, events, contests, and language assessment certifications. These programs help to pave the way for the youth of the world to become truly confident, skilled, adaptive, and tolerant global citizens of tomorrow. 

Being licensed by ATOUT-France, all our youth programs are conceptualized and executed in association with our local and global institutional partners. Recently, our ‘Youth Awareness Program-Creating Links with India’ acquired patronage by Indian Embassy in Paris.

The Story Behind Le Frehindi

The idea of ‘Le Frehindi’ began to take its roots in the year 2008. It was at a time when I had resigned from the position of General Manager at an investment firm. Following which I had the opportunity to work with one of the top financial services and investment training companies in New Delhi who were vendors to several global IT companies wherein my team used to deliver on-demand training services to their employees. While working on the project with Wipro, the company happened to have operations in France & Belgium. It was during this project when I realized the need for training of foreign languages in India for professionals who often travel abroad for work on different projects and miss the required linguistic skills to integrate into a different culture. Having learned the French language during my university years, I observed a strong similarity between Hindi and French grammar. Pursuing my original interest in languages & an in-depth study, I created innovative teaching techniques to make French language learning easier to learn with the help of the local language i.e Hindi. Over time, this thought became the core of all the educational activities in the Northern belt of India thereafter, and that’s how we coined the name of our formal company established in 2012 namely Frehindi Education Pvt. Ltd where ‘Fre’ comes from French and ‘Hindi’ comes from the widely spoken Indian language Hindi. 

Here’s how we help our partner institutions:

Frehindi Education is one of the pioneers in connecting Indian schools with Universities to French Schools & Universities in France. We also developed end to end curriculums along with faculty support on foreign language education in our partner schools and universities in India. Le Frehindi assisted Indian schools & universities to acquire global status by connecting them with global schools & universities. 

Today, we are helping to bridge the gap between the standards of experiential-based learning & innovation practices in Europe and that in Asia with a particular focus on the Indian subcontinent & gulf region.

Recognitions and Accomplishments for our work: 

In 2017, Business France which is a division of the Government of France recognized our project’s contribution in linking youths of the two countries and offered us to set our base in Paris to incorporate not only France but all the 27 countries of the European Union in our project. In June 2018, we officially moved our headquarters from New Delhi to Paris by creating “Le Frehindi” – a new startup in Paris, helped and mentored by Paris Region Entreprises

We are the only Indian company in the domain of our exchange programs & tourism who have been covered several times by national TV of France like France-3 and France-2 on our scholastic tours both in France & India. 

Over the last several years we expanded with our second office in the beautiful city of Lyon in France where I live with my spouse & two children. 

What’s next for us?

Apart from our flagship project Le Frehindi, I have launched two new separate projects in Jan 2021 in Europe namely to provide DMC services in Europe to travel agencies around the world & to promote Ayurveda & natural beauty in Europe. 

Join us in this enlightening journey:

If you’re a chairperson, dean, chancellor, educator, or Principal of an educational institution or if you are a travel agency owner/operator & looking to provide world-class experiential learning products and services to youths or wish to collaborate with us on our established & new services, Le Frehindi is always happy to be your long term partner in your journey to provide the best that the world has to offer. 

You can contact my team at to take the first step forward towards excellence and a better tomorrow.

Alternatively, I am available at

Haru Mehra

President & CEO

Le Frehindi-PARIS