Prithika Pavade- An Indian origin girl qualifies for her first Olympic Games representing France.

Prodigy of the table tennis section of Saint-Denis, Prithika Pavade brilliantly validated her ticket for the Tokyo Olympic Games at just 16 years of age, and six months after the death of her trainer, Nicolas Greiner.

In France, Chief of the table tennis association Jean-Claude Molet observed her game keenly. “It’s an amazing performance because this tournament is very tough psychologically and physically. Prithika has played seven games in 4 winning sets, conceding 2 innings at most per game, which is great. She scored two choice performances: first on Czech Hana Matelova, 51st in the world and today against Noskova, 60th in the world. She had already played against the Russian this season and she had lost to her but in a few months, she took her revenge.

The youngest participant born to Parents of Indian origin, Prithika Pavade is getting closer to her goal, which has always been her dream since she was 12 years old i.e to become an Olympic champion. “She arrived in Saint-Denis 7 years ago,” recalls Jean-Claude Molet with joy. “She started in the club in the city where she lived, in Le Bourget. She came with her starting trainer, Nicolas Greiner. She quickly progressed to the national level, winning all the national titles & last season, she became European champion under 21, at just 15 years of age.

Le Frehindi-Paris believes in the importance of collaborations of the youth of India & France, thus creating a lot of real exchanges between schools, sports groups and university students which brings closer the youth of India & France.

Proud moment for France & India.

Courtesy: Le Parisien

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