Planned a School or University Trip to Europe this summer & stuck because of Corona ?

Dear Principals / Co-ordinators & Teachers,

Le Frehindi is in the forefront in Europe to help the students of Indian subcontinent to have a safe & fun learning experience with host schools and Universities of Europe.

We are the only organisation in our domain which has the patronage for our programs none other than the Ministry of External affairs ( MEA ) via the Indian Embassy in Paris. We are having regular weekly meeting with all stakeholders including the local Embassies, Education department officials & health department officials of all the regions in Europe where our partner host schools are situated.

Being a pioneering enterprise which helps to link the schools of France & Europe to the schools and Universities from Indian subcontinent we have the following advice for you :

  1. Push your dates to End May or June 2020 by which this problem of COVID-19 virus is expected to be sorted out as per experts who have emphasised that the Virus cannot survive high temperatures.
  2. Alternatively, you can also push your dates anywhere from 10th Sept to 15th Dec 2020.
  3. Le Frehindi will help you in rearranging the dates with all the host schools in Europe.
  4. Use this time to continue online e-mail, zoom or Skype sessions with your host school on the project chosen. You project can also be on the COVID-19 virus called Corona.
  5. Avoid July & August as almost all schools and Universities are closed in July & August in Europe. As per our information 5th July is the last date in France for schools to close.
  6. If you are an IB school or a school in Gulf region use end June i.e before 5th July 2020 as an ideal time for doing a last minute exchange with your host school in France especially in Lyon area which is authentic central France with a UN visit at Geneva in Switzerland which is just 2 hours drive from Lyon & which is also the central command centre for fight against  Corona virus as the head office of WHO is situated there and from Geneva the current Director-General – Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of WHO, is doing a wonderful job in controlling the situation all over the world.
  7. July & August is a good time to go for summer camps in Madrid in Spain with a boarding school for a wide ranging activities  such as Two weeks Football camp, Film Making or Cooking & cuisine workshop.
  8. Last but not the least do not panic & as like many problems this problem too will soon fade away.
  9. Take care and follow WHO’s personal hygiene related instructions carefully within your school & make your students are aware about the correct and right information about COVID-19 virus.
  10. For any clarification or issues you may write to or what’s app us at our Paris number at +330601360996. We will be more then happy to familiarise you with actual ground situation.

All the best.


President & CEO – Le Frehindi, PARIS