Painting workshop on “My wonderful India” in Lyon

September marks the month of “rentrée scolaire” as they call in France which means entry month the students life at school & university after 2 months of Holidays.

This also marked for the Indian communinty especially students who arrived recently & those who have been here to reunite for the sake of India. Many students came with their colouring box & pencils to draw on the theme ” My wonderful India” at Park tete d’Or in Lyon. Here they were supposed to depict India through colours on paper which is supposed to be dislayed at the “Fête des Bannières” Organisd by the Comité des fêtes of  the Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes on saturday the 14 sept. 2019.

Here we display some of the artistic work of the young students who won everyone’s heart through their creativity on a wonderful sunny after noon at the beautiful park tête d’Or in Lyon where Le Frehindi has presence and many partner schools & Universites.

Team Le Frehindi