Our Workshop on French Spell Bee 2016 at Global Indian School; Kota

When I got a call from one of the French Teacher of a leading school in Kota to invite me to promote National French Spell Bee little I knew the real objective of calling me there by the promoters and organisers but when I came to know of the real reason I was more then glad that I accepted this offer. The real reason behind this is something so big & relevant to me that I could not but thank the organizers to allow me to address jam packed auditoriums of two schools at Kota on 20th July 2016. The reason was to make students think life is as beautiful and exciting in alternative careers as being an Engineer or a Doctor i.e that there is life beyond PCMB ( Physics; Chemistry; Maths & Biology ).

So my day started with my pick up from the hostel of the school by my other fellow speaker Prof. Ravi Dutt who came all the way from Jaipur to make students aware about the DELF/DALF Certifications by the French Govt in India.

Being the main speaker & mentor; I had the privilege of starting the session and it too me few seconds to make students laugh to an otherwise serious & studious looking children who might be thinking “Oh yet another lecture”. But they soon realized that it was not a lecture but an interactive session where they were laughing; smiling; playing games and what’s more enjoying every bit of it.

My guidance to students was simple i.e in today’s world money is everywhere therefore go where your heart is. Maths; science or chemistry are beautiful subjects and important for the advancement of human race but life would have no meaning if we do not have music; dance; stories; fashion; languages & history to learn from. Those things are equally important & sometimes the only thing which makes or breaks a person.

So go on & explore life beyond PCMB. Creativity has no boundaries or fields; one can be as creative in maths as Shrinivas Ramanujan or as creative as Rabindra Nath Tagore in poetry & literature. Both paths leads to immortality!

Yes;I took a promise from each one of them that no one will ever think of suicide if they do not get through any competitive exam or cannot cope up with a particular subject. When that happens just put your hand on your heart & say that may be I am not made for this thing so let me find something which is made for me & a day will come when you will find that thing & will become successful.

It’s just a matter of giving your self space & time.

I hope my workshop with them would help these bright & young souls to explore more options & be successful in a field where there heart is.

Harbinder MEHRA ( Haru )

Mentor & Director

Frehindi Education Pvt Ltd

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