Options To Manage Your Cancelled Summer Scholastic Tours to Europe


We continue to face the grave global health situation with some semblance of normalcy coexisting with uncertainty as lock-down due to COVID 19 situation is eased in many parts of the world in May 2020 including France on 11th May where schools are scheduled to reopen.

The global nature of the health crises means that we share the same pain & hence this calls for working in the same direction while respecting the difficulties faced by all concerned. 

Over the last several weeks, Le Frehindi has been working hard, both internally and in consultation with key HRD officials, Recteur d’académie in France and Indian Embassy in Paris, to review the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our group scholastic tours and exchanges for which we have already committed financially to our partner schools/universities, airlines & suppliers in France. 

These are extraordinary times and we remain firm in our collective aim to deliver the program but it is also clear that this is not the right time.

No state, no community, no individual can take up the challenge of this pandemic alone & hence we call for solidarity and understanding which is reflected in the decree via Ordinance under article R.211-31 of code de tourism by Govt of France, where substitution of an obligation is possible with an 18 months credit.

In a true spirit of solidarity and unity, we support the proposal of the 18 months credit & hence offer you the following proposition as cancellation & full or partial refund of the amount paid may not possible as per the unprecedented situation, govt. decrees for industries as well as the cancellation policy as per the contract signed with Le Frehindi or it’s associates

Collaborative approach Proposition: 18 Months credit

  1. Your students may come at any time starting from 1st May 2020 to 31st Oct 2021 except for July & August as schools/Universities are closed in Europe during those two months unless you want to have limited interactions in early July 1st half with students & teachers over here. 
  2. No prices will be changed during this period and you will have to pay as per the contract already signed and the remaining balance payments only 3 months before your new departure date ( i.e before visa ). 
  3. Starting 1st June 2020 we can start the project online with the French school or University through our classroom2classroom program which usually starts after the visit & formal introduction of facilitators. This way your students & teachers can collaborate & share ideas on a common theme. This is a good way of connecting students. It is possible that all other students or an entire class also participate in this online project with the designated school or University in France.

Exit strategy for those parents who cannot send their ward for some reasons or other :

Although we would like all students to be part of this exchange, however, in case if there are genuine concerns then we may try to adopt the following exit strategy provided concerned Airways agrees to provide vouchers in the name of the students (in case Airlines Tickets are booked).

  1. In case any student drops out then he/she may be replaced by another to respect the group number already committed by your institution. In that case the new child may pay to the child who has dropped to compensate the amount minus the cost of Airlines voucher ( if applicable ). As the Voucher will be in the name of the original student, the new student has to pay the same to book a new ticket in his / her name.
  2. The Hotels / Monuments / Local Transport / Guides / Professional fees paid to experts for workshops etc / Monuments & Museums fees paid on case to case basis from 30% to 100% well in advance are all protected by the code of Tourism ordinance as they all are services delivered inside France & to protect those industries the French Govt. has issued the ordinance enabling them to provide 18 months credits in place of a full refund, so, certainly, we will not have this amount in cash with us as all will invoke this decree. However, unlike Airlines, here students can be replaced with fresh students’ names so those who drop out will get paid this amount from the Fresh students minus Airlines Voucher amount ( if applicable ).

We recommend you for planning your trip at the end of 2020 in Oct/Nov/Dec. as per our experience with other international groups including the US & Australia.

We have always aimed to host Indian & other students from Asia in our Partner school or University in France & Europe that would inspire students & teachers by offering the best examples of collaboration, innovation, intercultural & linguistic exchanges

We believe that now, more than ever, students all across the globe need to understand the value of humanity, the interdependence of the world, the common issues faced & more importantly to remember what unites us.

I am sure that too remains the shared ambition of your institution.

To know more about how we are planning for future collaborations you may write to us at ceo@lefrehindi.com or what’s app us at +919811237037 in Asia or +330601360996 in France. 

Take care & stay safe. 

Warm Regards 



Le Frehindi, PARIS 

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