Maximum Points that you gain on Language for Migrating to Canada

Proficiency in English or French (Maximum 24 points)Being able to communicate and work in one or both of Canada’s official languages is very important. Knowing English, French or both helps you in the Canadian job market.
Your proficiency in English or French is one of the six selection factors for skilled workers. You will be awarded up to 24 points for your basic, moderate or high proficiency in English and French. You will be given points based on your ability to:

read and
Language testing
If you have some proficiency in both English and French, decide which language you are more comfortable using. This is your first official language. The other is your second official language.You must prove the level of language proficiency you claim on your application.
To do this, you must take a language test from an agency designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) before starting the immigration process.

The TEF is recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and your DELF Diploma will help you pass the TEF exam conducted in India.

To start preparing for TEF and giving exam in India SUBMIT FORM here.

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