Mandatory use of language proficiency tests for PR to Quebec, Canada Immigration.

Effective December 6, 2011, all new candidates from the skilled worker subcategory who wish to obtain points in the selection grid for their French proficiency (applicants and spouses) and English proficiency (applicants only) must enclose with their immigration application attestations of results recognized by the Ministère. Children accompanying their parents are exempt from this new requirement.

In addition to optimizing the Ministère’s selection practices, standardized tests ensure that the evaluation of candidates for their French and English proficiency is accurate, consistent and fair.

Effective December 6, 2011, the results of language competency tests recognized by the Ministère are the only language proficiency evaluation tool used for immigration candidates who submit an Application for Selection Certificate. Candidates who do not wish to submit an attestation of results recognized by the Ministère must specify this in the Application for Selection Certificate by marking the appropriate box on the form. They will not obtain any points for the language proficiency criterion.

For more information on this subject or to obtain a list of accredited centres for language competency tests recognized by the Ministère, please consult the Permanent workers – Proficiency in French or English sections.

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