Live Virtual Tour of Lyon – Helping students in Lockdown

Students of TATA CSR School in Munnar, Kerala go on a live virtual tour

Distance has always been a barrier between people and their knowledge, but not with Le Frehindi which provides their partner school students with the opportunity to come over the barrier of distance by giving online classes and live virtual tours to France in order to explore their knowledge about the French & EU culture and civilization.

On 12 May 2021, the students of Munnar School Kerala got this opportunity to go on a of France (city Lyon), where they learned about the different modes of transport in France (Lyon) with their mentor Mr. Haru Mehra.

Mr. Haru Mehra has given detailed information about the most commonly used modes of transportation in France.

Firstly he started the live virtual tour with a short introduction to the city Lyon, where he told some important facts about Lyon like the first cinema in the world was invented by the Lumiere brothers in 1895 in Lyon, it is the site of the junction of the Rhone and Saone rivers, etc.

This tour has helped me and my students to intricate our knowledge on different modes of transport in France along with the following:

Vocabularies: This tour helped me and my students learn many new vocabularies related to the topic: The system of transportation in France and vocabularies related to other topics like shopping, different shops in France, etc.

Chance to learn the Pronunciation: Mr. Haru told the French pronunciation of each word or thing he talked about to the students. He explains everything in English while giving the French pronunciation of some important words. This method helps the students to understand the meaning along with the pronunciation. For example, what do we call lift in the French language along with the correct pronunciation of that word in the French language?

Brilliant experience to discover things: The students have discovered new experiences and learned the working of different transport stations like the metro station, the station for bicycle, buses, etc. Mr. Haru has demonstrated to the students how to use different modes of transport in France along with the rules to be followed while traveling through these modes of transport. For example, Mr. Haru took the students on a live ride to the metro where he explained and demonstrated step by step all the procedures of traveling in a metro.

Interactive Virtual tours & Conversation with the natives: Sometimes the students get the chance to greet French people and talk to them while attending live virtual tours. For example, saying “Bonjour” to the natives and asking how are they?. Mr. Haru asks some questions to the students about the live virtual tour to make the tour interactive.

Time to ask questions: At the end of the live virtual tour the students get the chance to ask questions to Mr. Haru about France by raising their hands.

Students review: After each live virtual tour Le Frehindi team tries to take student’s feedback & analysis. The students of Munnar School seemed very happy and satisfied with the live virtual tour and they are hoping for more such theme-based live virtual tours in the future.

Here is the video of the live virtual tour conducted by the team Le Frehindi for Munnar School Kerala.

Starting March 2020, lakhs of students from the CBSE & IB board in India have been participating in Virtual Tours of France under the project: Creating Links with India-Youth Awareness Program, a project under the patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris.

Apart from this, Le Frehindi helps hundreds of partner schools in India and the Middle East to discover French culture and language through creative workshops, international mobility, higher education & global events in partnership with global institutions.

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