Le Frehindi- International English Spell Bee

English has emerged as the most powerful global language and is the medium of communication in almost all the countries of the world. Be it technology, science, medicine, almost all sectors prominently use English language to communicate. Today English is spoken by 330-360 million people around the world and every day this number is further increasing. It is needless to say that with rapidly changing times, it has become imperative for individuals to master English language not just to communicate but to be able to operate in the globalised world. Since change begins from education, Most countries in the world have included English as the second language in their curriculum. Despite all these efforts , it has been observed that students often lack spoken skills and fumble while talking , unable to express themselves as they find it difficult to articulate the sentence correctly , also while writing they struggle to get the spellings right.

Purpose of English Spell Bee is to help students improve their spoken, written and listening skills . To know more about International English Spell Bee, Go to our website www.englishspellbee.com