Le Frehindi- Higher Education

France, also called Hexagon is one of the powerful countries in the world. Be it science, technology, humanities, France has managed to have made its place not only within the boundaries but globally as well.

Despite all the growth and development, not many are aware of the fact that France provides ample opportunities to students for higher education. It has one of the oldest and well established universities in the world. From astrophysics, nanotechnology, medicine to robotics, finest universities with world renowned and most efficient faculty can be found here. No wonder that some of the leading authors, artists, researchers are the product of this land and the greatest movements have been carried out here based on their profound ideology.

For example- Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Allen Kardec and many more.

Not many are aware that as per one survey France has been recommended by 9 out of 10 students as a study destination because of its major cultural and artistic influence, great scientific and intellectual value and a rich history.

Compared with some other major host countries, France has increased its appeal. owing to its quality of education at affordable cost, France remains the top choice for the students. Expansion of French language has also played an important role. Today many English- taught degree programs are available in bachelor as well as master courses.

As a result France has emerged as the first preference amongst the students for higher education.

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