Le Frehindi -Global Citizen Olympiad

With Globalisation comes the need for individuals who can operate beyond the boundaries, individuals who have the capacity to embrace and appreciate various cultures, ethnicities, art, music, literature etc. The term used for such individuals is “Global Citizens”. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that in order to bridge the ever widening gaps in the world, citizens with and sensitivity towards and understanding of the global issues are very much required. Exchange of language , art , music , literature, education and ideas is the first step towards building harmonious societies where people can co-exist despite their superficial differences.

Le Frehindi believes that capacity is developed. Hence, Global citizen Olympiad is an initiative to help participants develop this capacity and become true global citizens by testing their knowledge of world history and geography .people who are firmly rooted in their culture at the same time are open to exploring and learning new languages, cultures and countries. Purpose of this program is to help individuals learn about and appreciate the differences across the world. It helps them to become well informed citizens who can promote the concept of “one world” and lead by example.

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