Le Frehindi conducted a Workshop for Teachers where every go handfull of exciting things to tell in their class and lot of activites to make everyone learn effortlessly !!

The following points were covered by Prof Lena Grosse :

The changing face of French Language in modern France and it’s global utility.
The difference between accents within France and between spoken French in France and the French Spoken in Quebec with live examples using audio & video.
The difference between the various French expression spoken in Quebec and that of spoken in France.
The various methods of learning French and some unique ways as professed & practiced by Le Frehindi using Hindi.
Some exciting Quiz on French language, accents and expressions

This was followed by a Presentation by Mr. Hemant on “ACTIVITE’S LIDUIQUES” – Teaching via creative theater and activities.

Some of the salient features were :

Different types of activities and their importance
Different live activities were planned and conducted in the class
Activities undertaken by Le Frehindi and their relevance and success in India.
Live Demo by Kids trained by Le Frehindi.
Question & answers session on difficulties faced by teachers in conducting the activities.
This was followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Haru Mehra to all the speakers and participants.

Here are some of the photos of the event :