Launch of Tech French by H.E. Mr François RICHIER, the new French Ambassador to India

The Embassy of France in association with Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd launched the Tech French book.

Speaking on the occasion the new French Ambassador to India H.E. Mr François RICHIER said that language teaching is very close to him as his great grandfather was a French Teacher and that it is his Excellency’s wish and also on a lighter note his job to promote the language and culture affinity between the Indian and French people. Mr.RICHIER also disclosed that going forward two more books on Fashion and Tourism will be launched on the same lines and this will in a way complete the three economic pillars for which France is known around the world.

Mr.Max Claudet , the Counsellor for Culture & Cooperation at Embassy of France in India welcomed all those present and thanked the tutors and editors without which this book would not have seen the light of the day.

While addressing the gathering Mr.Goyal , the publisher of the book thanked all in the French embassy including Mr.Damiel Rignault, Dominique Frin & Chantal Prost and also the team of tutors. He said that it is the labor of 2 years which has gone into making of this book and that he has shown the draft of this book at the recently held Frankfurt Book Festival where many people were surprised that such high quality books can be produced in India.

The event was a huge success with Mrs.Vinni Goyal from Goyal Publishers and Mr.Jatinder Singh from French Embassy playing perfect host to a beautiful gathering of French Teachers, French expats and Diplomats.

About the book :

Tech French is a French learning method aimed at Science, Management & Technology Students at College & University level. Those desirous of pursuing their studies, research projects or internship in France or in a French Speaking country will find this book very useful in learning the nuances of the French language.

This text book follows the CECR and completes the A1 Level and part of the A2 level as well in 100 to 120 hours which are designed into 6 units of the book.

Priced at Rs.395/- this book is god send for students of French inclined towards science & technology.

Team Frehindi