Kashif – My Romance with French at Le Frehindi

On May 12, 2012, we embarked on a journey least expected to turn out to be so informative, adventurous and adrenaline pumping, literally! It was our journey to learn French – one of the most beautiful languages in the world and surprisingly the most spoken language after English!

A hugely diverse group of 13 members – consisting of Doctor & Nurses to Professionals & Students, from 15 year young to 56 year old – sat in a small class-room. None of them, at that point of time, realized that it was a day which had the hidden potential of changing their life forever. They all had gathered in this small but beautiful room to enter into completely new dimension and arena of life – of learning an unknown language other than their Mother tongue. Neither did anyone realize that the journey that began on that day would be so fun-loving and that its memories will be imprinted on their minds forever. None of them knew that lifetime friendship bonds were in the offering along with the knowledge of the French language!

Learning any foreign language is difficult but at Le Frehindi, it was made sure to ease us into the difficulties of the grammar. It will not be an exaggeration to give credit of our success, apart from our individual and team-work, to the use of modern teaching techniques and methodologies at the institute. These methodologies ranged from individual assignments to group-work, from French movie sessions to Outdoor excursions to Mukteshwar, from interacting with native French people to online doubt-solving sessions at the middle of the night. During our 4-months course, we felt as if the time when we would learn a language only by listening to the teacher and never getting a chance to speak was over.

At Le Frehindi, we had a small batch and it enabled our teacher cum mentor cum friend, Mr Haru Mehra, to conduct the sessions keeping individual’s needs in mind. It’s the result of the innovative pedagogy that Le Frehindi managed to produce 100% result in 1/3rd of the time (4-months course for A1 level compared to 1-year course for A1 level at other institutes) than any other French teaching institute.

Kashif Hasan, New Friends Colony, New Delhi