Job Opening with Accenture for DELF B1 Diploma Holders

Name of the Company : Accenture
Designation : Sourcing Executive

Location : Bangalore

Job Description
Operational Responsibilities

• Ensure Supply Management work is being completed to Client’s expectations for Business Unit

• Analyze excess inventory to find optimal options for relocation

• Electronically transfer the material from the production environment to our spare parts stores.

• Realign our purchase orders with the assembly and test or production requirements

• Validate the purchase order references

• Ensure suppliers are promise dating their delivery schedules and reviewing the 2 months look ahead of our production requirements.

• Review the optimal batch size order for our material flow as well as the supplier’s.

• Review our critical safety stock

• Review our order point lead times

• Manage and optimize our scheduling firm zones

• Review the supplier work in process reports

Experience :

• 3 to 4 years business experience with a focus on Production / Manufacturing Planning

• Experience as a team lead for teams 5-10 people

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Industrial Management

• Fluent in French.

• Knowledge in materials planning, procurement and inventories management

• Familiar with MRPII, SAP

• Microsoft Office

Qualification :

Bachelor Degree with B1 level DELF Diploma in French
How to apply ?

Follow the following link to apply directly on company’s site :

Career with Accenture