Is DELF A1 or A2 a Cake Walk especially for Quebec PR?

DELF A1 or A2 is not a cakewalk especially when you are going for Quebec Immigration.

If you speak to your agent in detail he will explain you that one needs to get at least 16 out of 25 in Spoken and Listening to qualify for points for Quebec PR.

To get 16 out of 25 in both is a herculean task and many students who otherwise earn the Diploma but fail to garner enough for the purpose of Quebec immigration.

The Quebec Govt. has consciously inserted this 16/25 clause ( In LISTENING & SPOKEN French ) because they want that the person from who goes to Quebec has enough knowledge of French, that he/she can interact with locals in an easy manner.

Our DELF Classes are designed to make you survive in a French street and that is why all our Students get consistently more then 16 out of 25 in both spoken and listening test of DELF A1 or A2 in India and abroad.

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To Download the Point Matrix for DELF for Quebec Immigration Click the link below.

Quebec PR French Proficiency Points Matrix

Team Frehindi