Indian Food On Our Scholastic Tours In Europe

Many large groups, schools & universities while sending their students to Europe in general & France in particular feel that availability of Indian food ( both veg & non-veg) will be a problem when they visit various locations in Europe while of various scholastic, study abroad & exchange programs.

They feel that if their students do not eat they may fall ill & their overall experience along with learning outcome might not be that great. 

Well, we can’t say about a common tour operator but at Le Frehindi, we have addressed this issue comprehensively right from the inception of the project where our team believes in a clear & well-grounded philosophy that “A well-fed student assembles the best from their environment & are full of energy to explore more”.

Being a project which understands both sides of the world with our own local offices and employees in Europe & Asia, has allowed us to create robust processes on the availability of Indian food for all our group tours to Europe.

Following are some of the highlights of the processes in place :

  1. One Indian Meal a day guaranteed: While we encourage students to taste & experience local food such as Cheeses, tarts, avocado & baguettes, as that’s what learning & surviving in a foreign land is all about but we do make sure that at least one big plentiful meal i.e either dinner or lunch is an all Indian affair. 
  2. Vegetarian Food Preferred: Be it Rajma Rice, Tava Rotis, Vegetable Pulao, Mutter Paneer, or fresh seasonal vegetable we make sure that your students do not miss the taste of India. On prior request even the Onion less or garlicless dishes can be served when any student from say Jain community etc comes to our foreign exchange programs and scholastic tours. 
  3. Tie-ups with Indian Restaurants: In any given city in Europe we have tie-ups with 3 to 4 Indian restaurants to provide hot & fresh Indian food. An example of this tie-up is Sarvana Bhawan in Paris.
  4. Host Families food: Those schools that choose host family options there we advise the Family in Europe about the food preferences. Many people think that Europeans eat non-veg all the time but that’s not entirely true as many European families are not only vegetarian but vegans, where they do not eat any products coming out of animals & that, includes milk, card & paneer made from milk sourced from cows, etc. However, when students are together at Paris or Madrid or Amsterdam on their last lap of the trip we make sure they get sufficient tasty Indian food.
  5. None Vegetarian concern: Many families who eat non-veg in India are concerned about beef or pork being served. However, as per our mandate we do not serve any beef, pork, or any other meat except for Chicken, Eggs, or Fish to our Non-Veg eating students. All our Chicken items are Halal compliant & adheres to the highest EU standards on food safety & well being. 

Moreover, the Indian Embassy in Paris makes sure that based on their availability they invite frequently our groups for an Indian grub at their official residences when in Paris. For example, Tagore International School in Vasant vihar from New Delhi was invited by the 1st Secretary Mr. Ignaci Arulanandu of Embassy of India in Paris in May 2019 for a sumptuous South Indian & North Indian spread at his official residence while also providing them with a pep talk on the importance of such scholastic tours & how the Ministry of external affairs led by the Indian Embassy can help them for higher education in future.

Enjoy some of the pictures below of a school in the state of Uttar Pradesh ( India ) who went in November 2019 to France & Belgium & relished Indian food at one of our partner restaurants in Europe

If you want your school or University students to go for such a wonderful experience, feel free to write to us at or what’s app us at +919811237037 ( Asia ) & +330601360996 ( Europe ).