Importance of Online collaboration between European and Indian schools post COVID-19

Education helps us to widen our horizons and give us the power to deal with the diverse circumstances in a dignified way. Getting to know about different cultures and countries is one such opportunity which can help enrich the students and develop their personality.

Every country has an Education system. Today, we are going to discuss how these different Indian and European schools can get benefit from collaborating.

 “Try to view the world through different lenses; you can learn new things about your own country and culture”.

The online collaboration between Indian and European schools is the need of the hour post Covid-19 as we know that this pandemic did try to put our Education on rest. Initially, we used to be highly dependent on offline mode of Education but COVID has made us realize the importance of online learning. Every school wants their students to get better career opportunities in future and the virtual international experience not only helps them to get to know each other’s cultures better but also helps the students to have a global exposure, global perspectives on different things. The school always wants the students to have a strong social circle and network as this helps the students in terms of building something together which is good for every country. The Indian and European schools should partnership together virtually as the students are going to benefit a lot from this online collaboration especially during COVID as it is giving a new opportunity for every student to start from the base again. These kind of collaboration not only enhances the students C.V or Resume but also adds an enriching experience which is cherished by the students, it also helps in overall personality development.

Here are some points that follow the importance of online collaboration between European and Indian schools post COVID-19:-

  • Increment in number of participation by the students

Online learning which is rising during the pandemic of COVID-19 increases the retention of information in students. With the help of online collaboration, more people can connect as it is easy to access things online. With very large groups of students, it’s quite difficult to control participation. More schools and more students can take part in the educational process from any corner of the world with a computer and an internet connection. This makes the whole process easier and helps to avoid problems.

  • Economic benefits

It’s going to be economically beneficial. An online collaboration between European and Indian schools is affordable and easily accessible with a wide range of expansion globally. Through this online collaboration, students can gain Knowledge by spending less money since after this collaboration they can save money which they were going to spend on accommodation, food, transportation, etc. As a result, it is going to be cost-effective. Being less expensive and more flexible online collaboration is becoming more and more attractive to learners.

  • International partnership

With the help of international partnerships, Students can benefit from the diverse nature of other students due to collaborative elements in the course (international discussion groups and collaborative assignments). International experiences in studies broaden our horizons. It also helps us to explore different topics and studies related to various countries and possibly master a new language. As a result, this helps the students in learning foreign languages and cultures and hence broadens their experience.

  • Global Perspective

Students studying about different cultures develop a different mindset and attitude toward other cultures and people. Multinational perspective thinking will help to face modern challenges and find innovative solutions in the future. A student will have a rich set of experiences that will allow thinking more creatively.

  • No need for Physical Space

There is no need for physical space. Sometimes, it makes sense for a school to hold a meeting online rather than in a physical location. If a school or department meeting has a lot of participants, it can be a challenge to find a room large enough for everyone.

  • Less time consuming (Easy Accessibility)

Students can spend more hours working on the things that matter most. Online collaboration allows schools to host online meetings in real-time with hundreds of participants interacting simultaneously. It also provides students with innovative whiteboards and screen sharing options that make collaborative sessions even more engaging.

  • Better Management

A common benefit found in online collaboration is that students will learn more than just course content. It will improve the writing and computer skills of the student. Instructors can enhance their presentations by using different tools. Software and worthwhile applications offer substantial benefits for students, parents, and school administrators as well. It involves virtual work environments. It helps people learn from each other. Online collaboration among European and Indian schools is about the exchange of knowledge which is important for us as we get to know about things practically which is not there in books and regular classes.

  • Get to experience a new Education System

An international experience helps the students to get exposed to new ways of teaching and studying that they have never witnessed earlier. This gives them the chance to learn new things and develop new perspectives.

  • Cultural exchanges

It is essential to have an open and exploring mind to get success. Learning about new cultures and sharing your own is amazing and not only will you grow as a person but will also give you an enriching experience. Through this online collaboration between European and Indian schools, students will get to know about other cultures which are extremely important.

  • Lifelong relationships

Knowing people from a different part of the world, different social and education systems, different values, etc. are great. Online collaboration programs always create new networking opportunities. One gets to make new friends, work with a whole new set of faculty members.

  • Overall Personal Growth

The student who studies about other countries gets to experience diverse cultural and intellectual knowledge. It also adds to your resume to give you an upper edge compared to other students. This makes them skilled to deal with diverse environments and create skills that enhance their adaptability. This leads to their overall growth.

  • Benefit in getting Admissions in Graduate Schools

It becomes easy for the students to seek admissions in graduate schools as foreign knowledge experiences are given importance. The graduate schools think highly of them because of the experiences and the exposure that they have witnessed virtually.

  • Refined Language Skills

 This helps the students in learning foreign languages and cultures and hence broadens their experience.

  • Better Career Opportunities

The virtual international experience exposes the person to new cultures and languages but also enhances their CV. As a result, the students have better career opportunities and thus find it easy to search for potential universities in future.

  • Socializing

Another benefit is that one can invest in relationships that can last the lifetime. It not only provides you with a degree but also helps you socialize. The students get to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds and enrich their experiences.

No one could have thought that collaboration between European and Indian schools is going to happen soon due to COVID-19 but this also brings opportunities for the educational sector since physical education needs a lot of safety measures and online education is one only solution to the problem that can also avoid the risk of corona virus spread.

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