Importance of earning DELF Diploma for career

In today’s globalized economy the importance & benefits of knowing a foreign language cannot be undermined.

Look around to find out how many of your relatives and friends are either working abroad or are working in process or a company based out side of India.

The knowledge of certain languages like French becomes all more important because of the polices of those government to overprotect their language from the onslaught of English which has been able to emerge as a global language.

For example France has the best of engineers, architects and designers but many of them are facing huge problems to get their knowledge out to other countries.

France will have to expand into new markets to survive as an economic powerhouse and the language barrier is definite hindrance to that goal. In this context the market for French Speaking people will remain hot for many years to come especially in developing nations like India and China.

India and China needs to forge relationships with French companies and institutions from taping funds to technical know how and France needs new markets for their products and services, hence to break the language barrier one needs bilingual resource and the DELF Diploma in French is the only globally valid diploma which has been designed in a way that it teaches all the aspects of the French language with main focus of people to people communication rather then going in the literary way.

The DELF Diploma holders are today in great demand in French speaking Embassies & consulates like that of France and Canada, in educational institutions as French is the single most popular language in Schools across India,French companies in India and many French language based KPO’s and processes.