Activity class with 6th standard.

My first experience of activity class with the students.

My name is Sakshi. I am interning with Le Frehindi and today I am going to share my first activity class experience with the students. So, I am going to explain everything in detail from starting till end. The presentation I made was of 12 slides which contains both pictorial and theoretical explanation.

Topic: Global Citizen

So this was the topic of my presentation, where I took two questions in glace of the students (what is a Global citizen and how one can become a part of global citizen?)

In the next slide I have given detailed information about the global citizen and also what values and practices one should possess in order to become a part of global community.

Then I moved to the next slide where I have taken care of some Global Follies i.e. Global mistakes that most of the people come through and get confused between them. So firstly I explained the difference between Boulangerie and Baguette by narrating a small story to the students.
Then I talked about Holy cow, Masala man, Dresses and salutation that differ from France to India.

Then in the next slide I talked about the opportunities that one can grab by breaking all the language barriers. Firstly I talked about the Personal opportunities where I highlighted the benefits of language knowledge while building new relationships, while travelling, cultural exchange and building confidence. All these benefits were explained in details while reverting back to the questions of students too.

Then I talked about the professional opportunities in terms of Higher education, for making business deals, in the interviews, immigration, scholarships, etc.  All these topics were taken care in details in order to give precise information to the students and clear their doubts about the future opportunities.

This was not just the end of this topic, but also I taught the students some French words that we use in our day to day life thinking that these words are of English dictionary but actually they came from French dictionary for example chauffeur, buffet, dossier, bureau, etc. I have taken care of the correct pronunciation of these words too, so that the students would know the difference between the English and the French pronunciation.

After this slide I showed one slide where I highlighted the French words related to the hotel industry that we do use in India too, like salade, soupe, omelette,etc along with their pronunciations.

Now next, I showed the slide which talks about the fashion and design here too I explained some French words along with their English meaning.

Next slide highlighted some French words that we use in our life without even realizing that actually these are French words not English. For example R.S.V.P this is something we write in the marriage card without even realizing for what it stands for, so here I explained the meaning of R.S.V.P along with its full form. Here I have talked about the word cliché and bon voyage also.

Then in the next slide I talked about the importance of language fluency and the key points that are very important while learning a language.

Next slide was about the government opportunities that one could grab with his/her language skills. So here I talked about some exams and job positions.

At last after all these slides, I conducted a quiz game for the students where I asked students to watch a video which was about the famous companies of France, so here the students need to watch this video and after watching it they need to answer some question which were displayed on their screen. The students have enthusiastically participated in this quiz and gave the answers.

In the end, I took care of all the question asked by the students and cleared their doubts.

Later I got an interesting positive feedback from the school’s management, parents & my team leaders at Le Frehindi.

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Team Le-Frehindi