How Teaching French has evolved from a being taught as a “Subject” to being discovered as a “language”?

The way French is taught in schools have undergone a systemic change in the past few years with introduction of the CCA system by CBSE.

Not few years back French or for that matter any foreign language including “English” in certain schools was taught in a way where 90% of the course was focussed on “Grammar” skills of the student with almost negligible focus on the spoken and listening skills. So at the end of the session all you used to get is an examination paper with a comprehension, fill in the blanks, a lot of written grammar, writing essay etc. No one asked you in the examination how to pronounce a particular word or asked you to read a poem or an article or no one asked you in the exam to listen to a CD or audio and then give you questions based on that audio to test if you have listened properly. All this has changed in the last 2 to 3 years and the general teaching market in India has suddenly seen a demand for such trained trainers who could bring forth in the child all the aspects of a language, be it spoken, listening, writing or reading.

The old and outdated approach of teachers to teach French as “subject” used to make many children drop out in 8th & 9th standard after taking French excitedly at 5th /6th standard where they are given option between French & Sanskrit. The reason for drop out is that they start viewing French language as a marks scoring subject and when they compare it with Sanskrit they feel that Sanskrit is more high scoring subject then French where they do not have any support from parents (as they do not know French) and the French Teacher is making the language too boring and academic in nature resulting in lot of disinterest in the language.

However, a teacher at Le Frehindi is trained to teach the language as ‘LANGUAGE” & not as a “SUBJECT” which has resulted in 0% dropout in our partner schools at higher standards, on the contrary it is opposite – Many new admissions and Sanskrit students now want to move to French after they experience the excitement on the faces of those who have French.

Gone are the days when language was taught on the “BLACK BOARD”. Now language is taught with active engagement of the kids in the playground, at the assemblies, in the various activity clubs and finally in the classroom where it is not the boring “BLACK BOARD” but interactive smart board presentations, classroom games, audios and classroom activities which compliment the text books which also have undergone a sea of change from being just English- French based to French only based text books.

With the above systemic changes the examination pattern and methods have also changed with listening and spoken along with activities being an integral part of the CCA evaluation system.

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