Exchange program with Professional Lycée in France

More then 65% population of India is young below 25 years of age & this young population requires jobs to secure their future.

India must adopt a policy of proactive approach in setting up within their existing school’s professional department where students in the 10th, 11th & 12th class take up a full-time professional activity like dentistry, retail, fashion, hospitality, electronics, design etc

Right now most of the schools give general education on sciences, arts & commerce which does not help a student to acquire any vocational skill required to be Job ready right after school.

We Invite Indian schools to plan for their higher secondary students exchange visit to such a Lycée in the starting May 2019.

The students will stay within the campus in the hostels provided by the school & will do various workshops with students of 16-18 years along with their teachers for a week with Saturday & Sunday spent on a beautiful river cruise followed by a picnic on the banks of river Rôhne.

Le Frehindi, Paris works closely with many think tanks in India for development of schools wishing to adopt & integrate vocational courses in a professional way at the high school level.

Those schools who will go for a visit before May 2019 their Principals in June 2019 will be invited on a “Fam Tour” to visit one of the best professional Lycée in Lyon where they can watch the high standards achieved by France in vocational training.

Float the proposal to your school’s management & make it happen for the sake of your students & more importantly for the sake of India & its youth.

For more details feel free to write to


President – Le Frehindi, PARIS.