Helping Indian Tribal students to a brighter future

Le Frehindi is in collaboration talks with Kerala based NGO namely HRDS India which is doing pioneering work in tribal youth development in India by providing them with skill-based training under Skill development programs of the Govt. of India & also providing the post-training assistance to place the skilled students in different companies in India & abroad.

Under a detailed plan Le Frehindi-Paris will not only help in training the tribal youth in international languages but also provide them internship in Europe with a view to provide placements with big European brands in operating both in India & Europe in the following sectors :

  1. Hotel & Resturant sector
  2. Health & Wellbeing sector
  3. IT & Digital marketing

The new partnership will be launched in July 20201in presence of many Indian & foreign dignitaries in the Indian State of Kerala.

Le Frehindi believes that the only thing which can propel India into a 5 trillion economy as envisaged by the Govt. of India is to have a large well-groomed skilled workforce where the level of productivity of an average Indian youth is at par with global standards in Europe, US & Japan.

It is the mandate of Le Frehindi-Paris to help connect Indian institutions right from school level to universities level & from NGO’s to not for profit societies, to the best skill development institutions in the world with the ultimate goal of skilling the Indian youth & increasing their productivity.

This blog has some pictures of the 1st round of meeting with HRDS & Le Frehindi in December 2020.

Watch this space for more news & updates on our skill development initiatives in India & abroad for the youth of India.


President & CEO – Le Frehindi-Paris