Frehindi Village Trip -2014 to Kundan ka Maison

This time around we were in for a surprise and a new 2 day old boy along with a 3 day old lamb greeted us at Kundan’s house at Frehindi Village Sejour 2014.

Apart from this good news our journey towards the village started soon after our breakfast. We started at around 10 am downhill towards the village and on our way we were greeted by Fresh snow on the fields and on the route which made walking difficult but fun. Children and old all picked up snow balls to play with each other till the time we reached at natural water resources coming out of the mountain from where the villagers get their water. The water was so fresh that it can easily be called the natural mineral water of earth.

Our downhill journey continued with observing the village life, speaking to village women and finally reaching a house where we saw fresh, yellow & big “citron” on trees and bought many of them from the person whose field was having those citron. The owner explained us on how to eat it and where can we use it for cooking etc.

Now it was time for reaching Kundan’s place and as mentioned earlier we were greeted by a “mignon” little 2 day old angle. As tradition have it in this part of the world many elder people gave some money to the child’s grandmother who was so active even in her 70’s. The grandmother was wearing the traditional dress with a necklace called “Galobund” made from several square shape gold.

We were also greeted by other several other small children whom we offered toffees and biscuits before taking a group picture with all of them.

Small children in our group especially liked playing with a little lamb born 3 days ago and kept in a round basket.

Now was the time to go back and say good bye to all sweet village people.

The climb way back was not easy for few especially for those with very young children, however we managed to reach well in time for our lunch at 1.30 pm.

We truly enjoyed our short trek to the village and had a 1st had experience of village life.