Frehindi Education’s Pondicherry Educational & Cultural Tour for Schools Students Part-1

Each year in the months from November to March many schools go for a unique concept designed by Le Frehindi with the help of many International Trainers residing in Auroville in Pondicherry & in partnership with some of the best International Pavilions in Auroville.

The students not only live in an international environment with nationalities of over 50 countries but they also learn on sustainable living without harming the mother nature which is the essence of the Auroville.

Students also learn various disciplines like theatre; martial arts; organic farming; ropes-circus etc with the help of best of the international trainers living at Auroville.

Each student is given a cycle to commute to the following workshops conduct by us with the help of International Trainers :

Aikido ( A form of martial arts )
Circus ( With ropes & balls )
Improvisation Theatre ( French / English )
Organic Farming
Body Walk
Cycling Tours
Apart from the above the students are exposed to various theatre ( in different world languages ); films & cultural shows in & around Auroville.

Another popular activity is the beach activity where students & teachers go for a “Beach Pizza Party” with the Pizza ordered on the beach hot from Tinto Pizza. This coupled with the Pondicherry City visit & to top it all the “Crocodile Park Visit” & guided “Mahabalipuram” tours makes students experience complete & rejuvenating; making them in turn to appreciate their own culture & country much better.

The students of the following schools have already experienced our cultural & educational trips to Auroville-Pondicherry :

BASAVA International School
DPS Greater Faridabad
PP International School
Arwachin International School
Bhartiyam International School
We invite your school too to experience the same.

Write to us at or call us at 09811237067 & we will help you design an itinerary for your school.


Team Frehindi