Fre-Hindi is marriage of French & Hindi : A Lifelong Friendship cemented by festivals like Namasté France & Bonjour India

Let a 1000 Alliance Française like centres for Hindi open in the world
Right from it’s inception in 2008; Frehindi ( Frendy ) sounding like “Friendly” ( N’est ce pas? ) of English is actually a sort of marriage of words from “French” & “Hindi”.

We at Frehindi strongly believes in the people to people love & association that is actually the basis of a strong affinity between the French people and the Indian people.

As a child many years back I could recollect how the French love for mountains and spiritualism used to draw them to the state of Uttarakhand where I used to find them wondering; reading and contemplating near a temple; cave or a local shop sipping the chai ( du thé ).

Similarly; I can recollect in my college days when I saw so many of my friends influenced by the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau & Voltaire discussing endlessly the ideas they professed.

So; just around that time; time was ripe & natural to go to the Alliance Française centre ( à Sud-X ) to take a French course to satisfy our hunger for the ideas; philosophy and culture of France.

However; if some young person wants to learn Hindi in any city in France to satisfy his or her hunger for the ideas; culture or philosophy of India, the options are very limited as we do not have a network like Alliance Française or Gothe Institut or Instituto Cervantes .

With our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi vociferously professing for Hindi; Yoga & many other things which can be considered gift of India to the world; the day is not far when we will have Hindi learning centres like Alliance Française around all major cities of the world.

The time is ripe for us to rise and show to the world what we have got and the same is not possible without the spread of language.

Let the fragrance & taste of Hindi capture the imagination of the world by opening thousands of Alliance Française; Gothe Institut or Instituto Cervantes like centres around the world.

The govt. of India & our PM Modi will find Le Frehindi right at the forefront of this initiative.

On the eve of the launch of Namasté India in France let is promise ourselves that we will all strive towards our goal of opening 1000 Hindi centres around the world in major cities.

Jai Hind Jai Hindi….

Team Frehindi