Foreign Language & studies aboard in French Speaking Countries

The 21 Century requires global perspectives with ability to work seamlessly with people from diverse backgrounds . International education is an effective way to acquire skills that are essential if one wants to be a part of global teams.

In a new trend, students are opting for unconventional programmes like fashion styling, film-making , script writing, acting, music production, adventure sports, production design, environmental sciences, sustainable energy, culinary arts and games development, among others.

France offers an array of luxury brand management programmes, fashion courses, acting, arts like painting and tourism related course.

The Quebec region in Canada offers many courses both at undergraduate & graduate level with the possibility of immigration to Canada almost confirmed as per the new rules of immigration to Quebec Canada where there is unlimited seats for those who have studied in Canadian Universities for immigrating to Canada.

Just like when you are likely to need TOEFL or IELTS for taking up education in US,UK & Australia, similarly one needs to go for DELF Diploma or TCF score in French.

Frehindi Foundation specializes in providing the DELF / TCF / TEF training right here in India at a cost which is fraction of what they charge in the host country.