FAQ on DELF Junior

What is so special about DELF Junior?

DELF Junior is an unique program where the themes are related to the interests of children and the whole curriculum is presented with creative techniques with audio & videos.

Children are encouraged to use the language by way of role-plays, fun to do exercises and exposing them to native French. In India the DELF Diploma is delivered at school premises by Frehindi Foundation using “Le Frehindi” technique where local languages are used to help students get the correct pronunciations. DELF junior program helps the students with improving their accent and help them become truly globalized citizen.

Does the DELF Junior program confirm to the new CCE system of CBSE?

Yes, as per the new CCE system of CBSE, Frehindi Foundation in India presents DELF Junior in two sections i.e academics and co-scholastic section, under which a student would be exposed to life skills, including thinking, social and emotional skills, attitudes and values pertaining to language-learning. Under attitudes and values students are encouraged to use the French language with teachers & schoolmates. Language skills are bought forward by using a student’s capability in creative and critical thinking, with social skills including his interpersonal-communication, empathy and emotional skills.

Who can take DELF Junior?

If you are a school student of any class from VI to XII you can apply for different levels of French based on your skills in French.

How many levels are there in DELF Junior?

The following four different levels are there in DELF Junior:


This level makes you survive in a native French street and highlights the basic knowledge of French. Apart from introducing yourself and your likes and dislikes, you can ask and answer questions about personal details and talk about your friends, your location and your wants and needs in a basic way.


This level sees you through with almost all the grammar and your basic skills are confirmed. At this level you can share more complex information about yourself, your family, tastes, school, city or country. You will also be able to compare, discuss & comment on day to day activities and issues like the weather, going to a restaurant of your choice, shopping, relationships, interviews and starting and ending a short discussion on topics of daily activities.


This level tests your ability to deal with most of the daily situations anywhere in the world. At this level you would be able to describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes & ambitions. You would be able to write a 200 words essay on your experiences & you will also be able to give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. This level makes you freely travel without hesitation in countries where French is spoken.

DELF Junior B2

This level confirms a degree of independence in French. You can interact with spontaneity with native speakers and will be able to write clearly on a wide range of subjects. This level makes you to express your viewpoint strongly on an issue and you are able to enjoy literary works like novels and poems.


What is the validity of DELF Diploma?

The DELF Diploma is valid for life.

Can I take further DELF levels abroad?

Yes you can take further DELF levels in more than 156 countries across globe where French Embassy operates. The format and examination pattern and examining body all remains same.

Who awards the DELF Diploma?

The DELF Diploma is awarded by French Ministry of Education with the help of CIEP-an European Union body for promotion of European languages.

Click here to see the real Diploma.

How can I start DELF Junior Program in my school?

You can SUBMIT DETAILS here and our program director will get in touch with you very soon to help you rollout DELF Diploma in your school.

Have you rolled out DELF Junior program in any school in India?

The DELF Junior was launched in India in July 2011 and the program has been launched since then in many schools like Mount Carmel School, DPS Vasant Kunj, DPS Matura Road, Modern School,GD Goenka Public School and OPG world school. Many schools have lined it up for the next session i.e 2012 -2013.To roll out this program in your school Click here.

My School is based out of New DELHI & NCR region. Can my school also run this program?

Sure, we have are in the process of tie up with many outstation schools in Chandigarh, Ranchi,Mumbai,Bangaluru,Hyderabad & Dehradun for next financial year 2012 -2013. You can also initiate the process by SUBMITTING DETAILS here or by sending an SMS < DELFJ> at 09811237037.

What about the quality of Faculty for DELF Junior?

In India the faculty for DELF Junior is drawn from professional French language teachers & native French who have international teaching experience lead by Mr. Haru Mehra an Indo French-writer & creator of children rhymes , who is perhaps the only person in the world who is the pioneer in writing hilarious & inspirational poems using the jugglery of Hindi, French & English words ( Watch Haru’s workshop video’s with Kids ). Haru devised an unique method of teaching French to students who are encouraged to use their own mother tongue to learn the French language in an easy & effortless way. The main difficulty that is faced by many students while learning French is with pronunciation of French words and letters which is made very easy by use of Frehindi technique. The songs & rhymes created by Mr. Haru reinforce grammatical patterns, visual aids symbolize vocabulary, and fun games carry emotion; vital factors when teaching children to speak another language.

Where will be the examination centers for DELF Junior in India?

The children are required to visit the French Embassy’s cultural center called Alliance Francaise situated in more than 13 cities in India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Banguluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh & Calcutta ( Visit the list of centers in India ). The children will have to visit the examination centers nearest to their school only for 2 to 3 hours at the end of the course to undertake the DELF examination.

For starting the DELF JUNIOR program at your school fill up the form by SUBMITTING DETAILS or SMS at 09811237037