Does your School need help in International Collaboration for your ISA Project ?

ISA Action Plan : Collaboration with a foreign school

You are a school in India going for the prestigious ISA accreditation to enable the following in your school :

Opening a window to other countries and cultures, giving teachers and pupils a new outlook on the world.
Preparing your pupils with skills for life and work in a global economy, opening their eyes to new opportunities.
Giving your School a fresh and attractive identity, and a new globally conscious ethos.

If you want to collaborate with a foreign school for the ISA project then Frehindi Education Pvt. Ltd can help you achieve your objective as market leaders and niche players in bringing closer the Indian schools with their international counterparts through a comprehensive long lasting Global Citizen Program which helps your school become a truly Global school with Global ethos and culture.

We achieve the above by providing the following world class services :

Faculty Management : Providing and retaining a mix of highly trained Indian & native French/German/Spanish teacher for your school with end to end solution on international curriculum; creative activities; language games & contests. The teachers work like any other full time teacher at your school brining to students the very best in the world.
Global Exchange Programs : We give end to end solution in mapping your school either for ISA collaboration or a real international exchange with a school in Europe; America or Australia right from the initial level e-mail & Skype exchange to the real physical exchange for students as well as teachers. The topics of this exchange varies from culture to science; from maths to history & beyond.
Global Citizen Olympiad : This is an unique Olympiad which provides an opportunity for your students to explore not only the world but their own culture because for us a Global Citizen is a person who while adopting the best ethos; practices & culture of the world is also deeply rooted in his own culture and history.

To know more details on how you can avail our services mail us at or what’s-app us at 09811237037.