Collaborative Role of PPP Model in providing quality to K-12 Segment

Collaborative Role of PPP Model in providing quality to K-12 Segment ( Primary – 12th schools ) is the key to raise quality education in Govt. & Private Schools in India.

The estimated spend on education by Indian consumers in FY08 was Rs2,500 billion and is expected to rise to Rs. 6,000 billion by 2025. With the government spending 3.7 per cent of the GDP (Rs. 1,500 billion in FY’ 07) on education, this sector is amongst the largest in India.

Currently, there are nearly 100,000 government schools in urban areas and 900,000 in rural areas. The government is targeting the creation of 2,500 schools under the PPP mode.

A large-scale partnership by the authorities with private sector companies is the only way towards providing quality education & employability skills to the most important sector critical for the Indian economy & growth.

Communciation affects all areas of life be it Education;Employment or Health.

Education :

Numerous research has proven that poor language skills leads to poor literacy skills & grades.

Employment :

Survey after surveys of employers reveal that recruiters are looking for people who can speak well, write well, listen to others, present well, sell ideas to others, and negotiate with others in the course of discharging their duties.

Health :

Children with communication problems are more likely to suffer from mental; emotional & social problems even in adulthood.

Frehindi Education Pvt. Ltd is favourably placed to leverage its experience in transforming students from an early age & bring them to a level of increased confidence; tolerance; worldview; sharing; higher grades & overall personality development.

We achieve the above goals with our partner schools with the help of following programs :

Global Languages : End to End Faculty Management in foreign & english language solution focussing on communicative aspects with collaborative tie up with a foreign school leading to online as well as physical foreign exchange at the end of the term.
Global Citizen Olympiad : As India rises to lead the world an Indian child needs to have a global perspective to engage students in global perspectives in addition to his own local viewpoints, as well as to encourage respect for the interconnectedness of global economic, political, cultural, ecological, technological, and belief systems. Here; the students are tested at three levels i.e on their own language & culture ( how deeply rooted they are ); English vocabulary; pronunciation & on geography cum culture of any adopted country other then their own. The winners of Global Citizen Olympiad gets a chance to travel to their favourite nation abroad.
Hindi Olympiad : One might work & live anywhere in the world but the Indian language and culture always stays with us; providing us an automatic sense of personal identity; unity & belonging; allowing us in the process to better understand previous generations and the history of where we come from.The Hindi Olympiad tests the competence of an Indian student in Indian scheduled languages; our common culture; history & heritage. The winners get to travel to countries where the Indian culture and philosophy has made a mark be it Indonesia; Srilanka or China.
National French Spell Bee : In India it may be quite surprising that the language French is taught in 90% of schools operating in the private domain. However; learning French not only improves your understanding of the rich French culture; food and litreature but many people have renewed interest in French because of North Africa; which is being billed as the next growth area by economists of the world & where most of the countries are French speaking. The French Spell Bee encourages students to pick up French vocabulary with correct pronunciation and the winners get a chance to avail a complimentary travel to a French speaking nation.
Peppoetry Workshops : Peppoetry can be described as poetry in motion.Peppoetry promotes literacy, expression; builds tolerant community and fosters emotional resilience.It can cross boundaries that little else can.These are workshops using a particular language or a mix of different languages to create poetry on a specific subject chosen by a group of children and then acting them out on stage before an audience. Here we invite schools to conduct once or twice in a year these workshops at their school with children from age 8 to 16.
We invite both public & private schools to come forward and associate with us in our endeavour to help our children become truly “Global Citizens”.

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