2nd Faire Connaissance Party at Frehindi

The Second “Fraire Connaisance party” at Frehindi was a hit.

Monsieur Gaurav Kashyap explained to the attentive juniors with a clear & concise step by step process and his own experiences at DELF A1 exam….. I must say that Gaurav’s oratory skills were exemplary !

Madame Madhu chipped in with her own smart suggestions which students found very practical.

Monsieur Sukhvinder was all praises for the cake which was recommended by Mademoiselle Nandani.

Madame Nisha was at her humorous best and Madame Leena sighed a relief after hearing experiences of her seniors with the examiners.

Madame Saroj & Madame Sudha were cool in their approach ( we are not worried…we know we will pass ) and helped other impatient students with their “Bhramha Gyaan”.

Monsieur Arya sitting at the back was thinking…..”yaar es se acchi to Engineering thi” & little Mademoiselle Priya was listening with ‘awe’ all her seniors.

Monsieur Jebu, madame Navojt and Mademoiselle Shivani could not make it due to prior engagements.

All in all we had fun and all were of view that we all will have a terrific A2 batch.

Merci to all.