2nd Annual Summer Workshop for French Teachers at TERI – Gurgaon ( 27th June 2014 )

The 2nd Annual Summer workshop for French Teachers took place with some of the top schools and teachers from Delhi NCR & North India participated in the one day event which was inaugurated by Mr. Jean-Yves Gillon, Attaché de coopération éducative, Embassy of France in India.

The highlight of the workshop was the presence of such luminaries as Mrs. Amrita Raghunanda – National President – IATF, Mrs. Uma Narayanan, renowned adolescent psychologist and Mr. Hemant Bisht – Lead Prof. at Le Frehindi for Teachers Training Program. All the mentioned stalwarts took their sessions with such passion that it enthralled enlightened the gatherings with immense knowledge with practical tips on teaching French creatively and in an out of the box way.

The topic of this year workshop was ” New Session & Old Problems” where three major points were focused and each trainer bought their own experience and knowledge to tackle the issues faced by today’s teachers.

The three topics were :

How to make the long lasting retention in the minds of students on the topics covered in a French class ?
How parents may be motivated to take French more seriously & what should be the general conduct of a French Teacher in the classroom ?
How Le Frehindi makes it interesting to kids in their partner schools ?
After lighting the lamp Mr. Gillon, addressed the participants on all the points focusing on the new system of CCE and also on the psychological aspect of learning a foreign language.

Mr. Gillon then took a small Q & A session with many participants including some from Jaipur asking some relevant questions on development of French language in India and more continued education sessions and “stage” by French Embassy for Teachers in 2014-2015.

Just before tea Mr. Gillon gave way to Mrs. Uma Narayanan, who instantly built a rapport with the participants with a “Change your shoes” activity. This interesting pre-lunch session captivated the participants not only with the knowledge on psychological aspects of the learning French but with a lot of psychological games and activities to drive home the point.

At 1 pm we broke for lunch and the lunch was a spread and delicious as the breakfast in the morning.Veg-Non Veg Indian and Chinese along with “Aam Panna” was served to the participants in a cool settings at the TERI restaurant on the ground floor.

The after noon session was with our National President – IATF; Mrs. Amrita Raghunandan whose topic was “Activite’s Ludiques” and in her presentation, the participants discovered some very practical and ready to use activities which would compliment their regular teaching in a class room. Mrs. Amrita Raghunandan would have loved to spend more time in the evening with the IATF memebrs but she has her flight back to Chennai at 5.30 pm and hence was escorted back to the Airport by Mrs. Uma Narayanan and Mr. Haru Mehra.

The last session of the day was presented by Prof. Hemant Bisht, M.Phil from University of Nantes, France on how Le Frehindi uses different tools and ways to create & maintain the interest of the children in French language. The session started with Prof. Bisht asking Mr. Haru Mehra to explain the idea and concept behind “Frehindi”. Mr. Mehra regaled the audiences with some of his “Frehindi” poems and helped Mr. Bisht in his presentation on a number activities that Le Frehindi specializes in namely :

“Semaine de la Fracaphonie” at different schools
Specialized Tailor-made workshops at Schools like teaching creatively French native interaction, French Poems, French Songs, French Verbs etc
Indo-French School tie up and online interaction with French children and Indian children throughout out the year.
Frehindi Village Summer camps for schools children
Frehindi Village Sejour for Indo- French Teachers.
Prof. Hemant Bisht Interactive presentation was appreciated by many teachers as many could identify with the activities proposed in his presentation as some of them tried them in their classroom and the presentation by Prof. Bisht gave them a holistic view of the whole idea of conducting different activities.

The workshop ended with certificate distribution to all participants by Mrs. Shobna Upreti of Goyalsaab and Mr. Haru Mehra.

Teachers Training Diploma was also awarded to the students of 11 months TTP ( Teachers Training Program ) run each year by Frehindi Education P Ltd.

Also it was informally discussed that next year the event will be conducted early June-2015 so that participation is maximized.

Following are the pictures which says it all.

See you in June 2015…..