1st French & Wine Cafe Meet

The 1st French Wine & Café meet was organized at Le Frehindi jointly by Frehindi Education Pvt. Ltd & Col. Joe ( www.ravikjoshi.com ).

There would not have been a better day than the “Le Jour de la Bastille” to kick start this event which was attended by many accomplished people such as a Lt General from the Indian Army along with his wife, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal ( FTII Alumnus & leading cameraman ), Mr. Ashish Mamgain ( Principal Correspondent, HT ), Mr. G C Sharma ( Top Japanese Translator in Delhi ), Dr. Vijay ( Sr. Doctor at UNDP ), Dr. Routray ( Sr. Doctor at WHO ) and Mr. Navneet Gupta ( Leading fashion co-coordinator & Restaurateur ).

The event was divided into two parts. The morning part was exclusively for students of Le Frehindi & the evening part was dedicated to the real connoisseurs of wines & good life.

Morning event:

This event exclusively for students was a huge success where lot of events like film show with popcorn, French songs & dance competition were conducted before the “French Wine & Café Meet”.

The session started with Mr. Haru MEHRA presenting a PPT on “Jour de la Bastille” followed by “Dance competition” on French songs where students had a lot of fun. The song & dance event was followed by 3 French short stories video followed by discussion on the same. This was followed by our event on French wines. The students had an once in a lifetime opportunity to learn to appreciate & taste wine from Col. Joe who is on his way to become one of the leading sommelier of wines in India.

Evening event:

The evening event was for senior people and many stalwarts & professionals attended the meet.

The evening commenced by Mr. Haru MEHRA who brought out the different aspects of similarities between French & Hindi followed by a presentation on “Jour de la Bastille”.

This was followed by the event for which everybody was eagerly waiting “The Wines of France”.

We have decided to dedicate one special article of this special event of ours which has been written none other than the torchbearer of French Wines in India Col. Joe.