The vision of Frehindi Education is to help schools produce global citizens

Our Purpose, Vision and Values


Empower Schools to help produce Global Citizens


Become the leading provider of top-notch quality services and programs to our partner schools and educational institutions so that they may help their students to become Global Citizens in true sense. We will create value for society and all our stakeholders by offering:

  • Superior, responsive programs, that are
  • Supported by exceptional services by our teachers; trainers & counselors.
  • Delivered with integrity and accountability.


In striving to accomplish our vision and meet the needs of students & partner institutions, we share the following values:

Teamwork and Communication

  • I contribute to my team’s success
  • I listen to and share information with my team
  • I assume good intent in my colleagues
  • I communicate with candor and respect

Engage Our Colleagues

  • I treat my colleagues with respect and care
  • I am responsive to my colleagues
  • I am inclusive and respect differences
  • I develop my full potential
  • I celebrate others’ success

Accountability + Integrity = Ownership

  • I take responsibility and honor my commitments
  • I acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them
  • I speak up when I don’t agree
  • I deliver results the right & ethical way
  • I make decisions like I’m an owner

Continuous Improvement

  • I always look for a better way
  • I use data to drive my decisions
  • I take appropriate risks
  • I embrace change and new ideas

Help Our Schools & Students Achieve Their Goals

  • I always put students or my partner school first
  • I put “care” into service excellence
  • I do my part to deliver a quality educational experience
  • I am passionate about student outcomes
  • I give genuine feedback to students & our partner schools


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