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Passion on students in Spell Bee

31 Jan 2019

Such is the Passion of students for the International French spelling bee that even if they have a medical condition they want to come & perform on stage.

There are students with a broken leg or a physical disability where despite their condition they try to excel at the highest level.

Le Frehindi Paris salutes the courage of such students whose love for the French language exceeds every pain. Then there are students who are as small as 10 years old & at such a young age they get the chance to perform before a house full of national & international delegates and students.

We will continue to give such an opportunity to students across non-francophone countries & It’s just that they need a little support from their school with the guidance & motivation of their teachers & principal.

Young students like these & their teachers are the one who needs special applause.

Team Le Frehindi, PARIS


  1. I have participated in the event for 3 years as a French teacher , twice in Delhi . I have certain suggestions which I feel can make the contest more fair . I have witnessed that one candidate is getting a 5 letter word whereas another may get a long phrase which may have mire than 20 words. A candidate getting a 4 /5 letter word is less likely to make a mistake as compared to the one getting a much longer wird or phrase. So in a particular round , there should be an attempt to give words of almost the same number of letters. eg not more than 10 letters words can be given to all candidates in that particular round.
    Another thing, when prior intimation is given about certain students not being able to participate in final live round, then their names should not be announced as well as their gifts ,medals and certificates should be handed over to the teacher in charge as soon as they register for the finals. There was no coordination on yhis front.
    Lastly, certificates should be written with great care and meticulously .
    Hope these suggestions can make it even more fair and successful and reach new heights.
    Sarita Gupta

    1. Dear SARITA,

      Thanks for the suggestions and will incorporate the same in future competitions.


      Team Frehindi

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