Hire a foreign language teacher

Frehindi Education specializes in interviewing; testing proficiency level of candidates; taking demo & group discussion; recruiting and making sure that your school or institution has continuity of a full time or part time foreign language faculty through out the session.

There is a very high cost of attrition as lot of time, effort and energy is invested in bringing a foreign language teacher on board, assimilation and integration with school’s culture, values and nuances. Also the children starts bonding with the teacher and with an unexpected sudden resignation of a teacher the children are the biggest looser as they get demotivated & take time to settle down with the new teacher. The parents too are totally dependent on the Foreign Language teacher, as unlike other subjects they are unable to help their ward & frequent changes results in increased complaints at the PTM’s.

To know more about our specialized faculty hiring services for schools and institutions write to us at bonjour@frehindi.org or call us at 011-45537037 or 0910129231. 








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