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French Film this weekend – A documentary film on Marc Chagall

18 Jan 2011

Dear Friends,

This weekend i.e on saturday the 22nd January 2011, we will be showing a documentary film on French painter – Marc Chagall.

The duration on the film will be 52 minutes and will start at 5p.m at our Dwarka Center. Following are the details :

Name of Documentary : Chagall, A la Russie, aux anes et aux autres

Duration : 52 minutes

Time & Date : 5P.M on saturday the 22nd January 2011

Synopsis : “Drunk with images, ” Malraux one described Chagall. “Supernatural”, Apollinaire exclaimed on discovering his studio and said Chagall is still as spellbinding as ever with his poetic universe, the brightness of his palette and the modernity of his style.

Marc Chagall, who arrived in Paris in 1911, always sought to combine his traditional Jewish childhood with the artistic modernity of his era, thus developing a profoundly original style that remained on the fringe of major 20th century trends.

With the help of hithert unpublished family archives, and drawing on the infinite wealth of his paintings, sketcehs, engravings & monumental works….this film invites the viewer to rediscover the artist’s universal, timeless oeuvre.

We welcome all our old & new students for the above documentary film show.

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