Le Frehindi, Paris was founded with the aim to promote and spread awareness of being a global citizen in the 21st century. Countries world over have gone through gigantic shift and transformation in the last one century. From industrialization, education, Trade, construction, medicine to technology, every sector has shown development manifolds resulting in increased interaction and dependence of countries on one another. With all these rapid changes, countries are faced with yet another challenge that is to have efficient human resource to bridge various gaps like culture, ethnicity, and language to establish effective and successful relation. However, it’s not as simple as it seems since individuals with linguistic skills as well as the ability and open mindedness to operate beyond the boundaries are hard to find.

Countries world over have gradually become aware of this requirement hence are more inclined to work with people having the essentials required to be a global citizen. However global citizens cannot be fostered in a day or two. It goes way back to the roots, values and basics that are taught in school and at home. To ensure this, students who are future leaders need to have the skills that are indispensible for a global citizen.

Thus, Le Frehindi has taken initiative to start this movement at grass root level. With its various program like cultural exchanges with multiple nations, Longterm language & educational immersion programs, Auroville multicultural experience, Summer & winters camps around the world,Special Teachers Tours & multi cultural pedagogical experiences, FAM Tours for decision makers of partner schools & Universities etc especially designed to inculcate the essentials in students & their teachers, Le Frehindi is aiming to foster capable future leaders who will work towards building a new one world.

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