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A Promise I took from Students recently at Kota in my Life Beyond PCMB Workshop !

My guidance to students was simple i.e in today’s world money is everywhere therefore go where your heart is. Maths; science or chemistry are beautiful subjects and important for the advancement of human race but life would have no meaning if we do not have music; dance; stories; fashion; languages & history to learn from. Those things are equally important & sometimes the only thing which makes or breaks a person.

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Enseigner les verbes en utilisant les rimes françaises et hindis de Bollywood !

La meilleure façon d’enseigner le français est d’enseigner dans une façon amusante. Cela veut dire que les étudiants apprennent bien en s’amusant. Pensez comment un étudiant ne fait pas d’effort pour apprendre les paroles d’une nouvelle chanson par exemple (kolaveri di ou Gangnam style). Ils les apprennent sans aucun effort. On emploie le même concept ici en utilisant les chansons de Bollywood, les rimes et ainsi le bhangra.

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Frehindi façon pour enseigner le français en utilisant Hindi – Genre

La similitude continue en ce qui concerne le genre. On note la présence de 2 genres : masculin et féminin. Ce qu’on essaye de faire ici est d’établir un rapport entre le system de मात्रा qu’on emploie et les règles d’accord concernant le genre.

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Frehindi façon pour enseigner le français en utilisant Hindi – Adjectifs possessifs

Quand on parle de deux langues hindi et français, il y un lien au niveau de grammaire et prononciation. Par exemple en Hindi quand on dit मेरा, मेरी, मेरे c’est plutôt similaire en français comme MON, MA, MES. Alors, La langue Hindi peut être utilisée pour enseigner la langue française en donnant des exemples concrets.

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How Teaching French has evolved from a being taught as a “Subject” to being discovered as a “language”?

The way French is taught in schools have undergone a systemic change in the past few years with introduction of the CCA system by CBSE. Not few years back French or for that matter any foreign language including “English” in certain schools was taught in a way where 90% of the course was focussed on “Grammar” skills of the student with almost negligible focus on the spoken and listening skills. So at the end of the session all you used to get is an examination paper with a comprehension, fill in the blanks, a lot of written grammar, writing essay etc. No one asked you in the examination how to pronounce a particular word or asked you to read a poem or an article or no one asked you in the exam to listen to a CD or audio and then give you questions based on that audio to test if you have listened properly. All this has changed in the last 2 to 3 years and the general teaching market in India has suddenly seen a demand for such trained trainers who could bring forth in the child all the aspects of a language, be it spoken, listening, writing or reading.

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Maximum Points that you gain on Language for Migrating to Canada

Proficiency in English or French (Maximum 24 points)Being able to communicate and work in one or both of Canada’s official …

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Importence of earning DELF Diploma for career

The DELF Diploma holders are today in great demand in French speaking Embassies & consulates like that of France and Canada, in educational institutions as French is the single most popular language in Schools across India,French companies in India and many French language based KPO's and processes.

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Votre Examen en Fevrier

Chers élèves, Nous vous souhaitons la réussite à l’examen DELF à venir au centre français de Delhi, à partir de …

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